project JADE:

the Ultimate New Client/Brand Developer

There is no secret that social media has changed the way businesses communicate with their target audience online. The power of bloggers is a complete advantage to a brand. We created project JADE to do just that. If a brand has its own blogging network it is talking with its consumers rather than at them, thus becoming powerful advocates.

project JADE is a community of bloggers and social media enthusiasts who enjoy providing constructive criticism around products and or services.

This large networks of bloggers and tastemakers assist in the delivery and execution of social media campaigns. Ultimately, they will have confident and explosive relationships with these brands without compromising their voice and integrity.

We select from within our network of bloggers, a hand full best suited to your brand and your target audience. These are executed in online events and or private intimate meet-ups.

So, if you are a blogger (or influencer), and enjoy writing about the things you love and take part in brand experiences, join us and connect with social media campaigns in your area of expertise and passion.

Send a brief description of your blog and niche market to info(at)

We are currently accepting in the following markets: Food, Parenting, Technology, Sports, Fashion, Beauty, and Reality/Celebrity New.